Terms & Conditions

All of our items are handmade.  Some of the photos you see here online are photos of the actual items I have here in stock.  Other photos are of previous items that I have made and I can make (or have made) more of them, so the actual item you get may vary somewhat from the actual photo online.

For example, each of the maps made are cut into pieces of wood.  When I sell a map, I make a new one.  The new one won't have the exact same grain and knots as the ones in the photo.

Another example would be the lovebirds.  These are hand painted and so when I paint yours, I try to get the colors just the same as in the picture, but there may be a little variation.

On non-custom (personalized) items, I can happily send you a photo of the actual piece that you would be getting before I ship it to make sure it meets with your expectations.

If you have any specific questions, please drop me an email at paul@mazcrafters.com.  Or you can fill out the 'Contact Us' form.  The link is at the very bottom of this page.