Super simple to play but still a lot of fun! Great game to play with the little ones.  They just need to recognize their numbers.  Object of the game is simple.  Be the first to get rid of all your pennies.  Start off with about a dozen pennies each.  Roll the die and place a penny on that number (if you get a 6 the penny falls right through and disappears).  If you roll a number that's already occupied you have to take ALL the pennies on the board.  Full instructions are included with the game.  Box opens to hold about 50 pennies, a die, and instructions. Clasp on the front keeps it closed.  Small parts included in the game so use with supervision when younger children are playing.  Comes with 24 pennies to get you started.

Similar to the Amish Washer Game.

About 7" X 3" X 2".

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Penny Drop Game

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